The Beginning of Ballet Co.Laboratory

On Wednesday, September 5th, I rode the Twin Cities Metro line for the first time.  Three blocks from Government Plaza and three flights up in The Great Hall of Gethsemane Episcopal Church, was a new beginning for Ballet Co.Laboratory.  

The connections of Ballet Co.Laboratory are so evident that as soon as I entered, the drama fell away. Everywhere I looked, I saw community; from the specially donated mirrors, to the wonderfully crafted barres, to the borrowed floor. But also from the excitement in every person’s face that walked through the door that day, and every day since! The support is overwhelming and it drives each one of us involved to create more, develop more, and inspire more to help reach the full potential of Ballet Co.Laboratory. 

This first week has been filled with classes, rehearsals, company meetings, and lots and lots of new ideas! There are many new things in the works to be announced soon! Save the date for On Our Terms Performance and Fundraiser on October 6th!

Thank you to everyone who has supported, reached out, and added to the strong sense of community we have created! I know that I, and the company, are so excited to reach new heights, test the limits, and progress Ballet Co.Laboratory to the school and company we all want and believe in!