Beyond the Mirror
a positive body and mind initiative


As part of our programming, Ballet Co.Laboratory has launched the “Beyond the Mirror” initiative which incorporates the knowledge of local mental and physical health experts to educate dancers and create a network of resources for the community. The initiative also seeks to bring positivity to our community through performances and events like the NEDA Walk. Ballet Co.Laboratory is committed to creating a nurturing, safe space to explore humanity and acceptance of all through the art of ballet.


Our Beyond the Mirror Partners

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Oluremi Famodu PhD, RDN, CSSD, LD (Sports Dietitian with Twin Cities Orthopedics and Training HAUS) is a registered dietitian and board certified specialist in sports nutrition. She has experience working in weight loss and weight management clinics, as well as working with clients needing disease specific nutrition. Remi’s personal interest include performance and wellness nutrition.

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Meredith Butulis has worked as a professional dancer/performer and in the health and fitness industries since 1998, I seek to share my discovery with you: 

Each individual can build his/her own toolbox of everyday habits and fitness practices to decrease chronic muscle tension, become stronger with each decade, tap into uncovered performance potential, and ultimately feel not good, but GREAT through movement. Simply working harder, however, is not the answer. We all run out of time, energy, and ultimately hit a plateau or injury.

I invite you to join me in guided explorations to build your toolbox of wellness and fitness to dance with longevity.