The School of Ballet Co.Laboratory offers ballet and movement class for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
Our faculty brings over 80 years of collective teaching experience to our studios Twin Cities studios.


Open Laboratory ⎥ June 8, 2019


At the end of May and through the last days of BCL’s Spring Semester we are proud to implement the Mini-Mester, an intensive-style capstone to the 2018/2019 season. During their regularly scheduled class times, BCL dancers in levels 1-4 will learn contemporary, ballet, and modern repertoire which will culminate in a year-end Gala Performance, 
Open Laboratory and are invited to community barbecue, all at our home in St. Paul on June 8th from 2-5pm. MORE INFORMATION.

June Challenge ⎥ 15 Classes in June!

The BCL studios are heating up! We are offering a multitude of drop in classes and workshops this summer and challenge you to take 15 classes during the month of June! Next month, we’re inviting you to get your battements in gear and get the sweat flowing at the Ballet Co.Laboratory studios with us! All open classes you find on our schedule and app will count towards your total, including yoga, conditioning and workshops.

We’ll be posting a score board in the lobby where we can keep track of where you are on your journey to ballet victory, and YES--you will receive a prize for reaching the 15-class goal: a Ballet Co. Laboratory bumper sticker and one free class! Additionally, the dancer who attends the MOST classes will receive the grand prize of a Ballet Co.Laboratory t-shirt!

We want to fill our new home with the people who have made it all possible, and their love for dance and the BCL community. Sign-up will start on June 1st at check-in, and you can join at any time during the month. Let’s get dancin'!




  1. Every student is welcome

  2. Every student’s name is known

  3. Every student receives feedback during class

  4. Every student receives hands on corrections to improve their understanding of movement, technique and stance within their own body

  5. Every student experiences of the joy of dance in each and every class!

Company Mentorship

We believe in our students having direct access to our Company Artists as mentors. Advanced Level students each receive a Company Artist Mentor and are invited to Mentorship Events and Beyond the Mirror educational seminars.

Professional Performances

Students Level 1-4 received several performance opportunities throughout the year including performing in our professional productions with the company every December and May.

Balanced Cross Training

Students train rigorously in ballet technique while also learning strength conditioning, yoga, modern, and contemporary, creating a well-rounded dancer, student and individual

Trainee Program

Advanced Level students ages 15-19 have the opportunity to study alongside the company as Trainees. Auditions are held every year for the trainee program. Trainees participate in all season performances.

Information for
Enrolled Students

Performance Photos

Karin Lynn Photography took gorgeous photos of Nutcracker in Wonderland. Enter your email and look through the collection! Interested in purchasing photos? You can purchase them online and they will be mailed to you within 2-3 business days!